Growing Turnip

Growing Turnip

Sowing season:  April – August
Ready to harvest: 8-10 weeks

This fast growing plant will be ready to harvest in just 8 weeks. Sow continiously to have turnips until November. Cut the tops to have extra greens for your salads.

Growing outside:

Turnip seeds like warm moist soil to start. So before you begin water your patch with hot watre  (from the tap) and rake the soil. Then with your trowel make drills a half inch deep, with a foot between drills. 


Your turnips will be ready to harvest in 8-10 weeks. Harvest them when they become the size of a tennis ball (you’ll know as they stick out of the ground). Grab the turnip top at the base and pull straight up. Your turnips should come out with very little resistance.

Growing tips:

Turnips do not store well, so only grow as you need. You can sow them continuously until August, which will give you Turnip until November.