Growing Radish

Growing Radish

Sowing season:  Mid March – October
Ready to harvest: 4 weeks

Radish is the perfect as part of a summery salad or as a garnish on your stirfry.  Radish has a very long season, from mid March to October and is ready to harvest 4 weeks afetr sowing. Thus making radish an essential vegetable in your garden or window box

Radish is either grown indoors or outdoors. It’s not advised to start indoors and transplant out as the plant does not respond well to this. Start radish, where you want to harvest it.

Growing inside:

Fill a pot with compost, and in the centre of the pot make an impression 2cm deep. Drop one seed into the impression and lightly cover. Space 8cm between each seed, using this spacing you shouldn’t need to thin.

Growing outside:

With your trowel prepare drills 2cm deeps, with 10cm between rows. Place one seed every 5cm, cover with soil and generously water. 


In 4-6 weeks the radish is ready for harvest. The radish will pop up out of the soil, when the radish is 3cm across, it’s ready to pull. Grab the leaves from the base and pull straight out of the soil.

Growing tips:

To have a continuous supply plant new seeds every few weeks. You can plant upto September and harvest in October.