Growing Perpetual Spinach

Growing Perpetual Spinach

Sowing season:  Mid March – October
Ready to harvest: 12-14 weeks

This plant is actually a member of the beet family, which makes this much hardier and easier to grow than true spinach.


If possible, add manure or home compost to the soil autumn previous.

Starting inside:

Fill your seed tray with potting compost and give a good tap to settle the compost. With your finger make an impression 2cm deep and pop 1 seed into the impression. Cover over lighty with more potting soil and water gently ideally with a mist bottle or water bottle with small holes in the lid. Germination will take 2-3 weeks. Each seed is actually a cluster, which will result in 3-5 seedlings appearing. With a scissors thin out the seedlings to leave the strongest. 

To transplant:

1 month after sowing the seeds are ready to be transplanted out. Create a small hole the size of the seed module and plant in rows with 20cm between plants. Leave a space of 30cm between rows.


3 months after sowing you are ready to harvest. Pick the leaves from the outside and work towards the centre. You can pick half the leaves on the plant and it will make regrowth. During winter harvest less to allow the plant to regrow. This plant will continue to feed your table until the following april.