Growing Cabbage

Growing Cabbage

Sowing season:  April – July
Ready to harvest: 26-28 weeks

Cabbage is another Irish winter time classic vegetable. This variatation “January King” is especially hardy, thus making it perfect to gro in Ireland. Its so hardy it will last throughout winter and can be harvested until the following March.


Cabbages are very nutrient hungry, so best to prepare the soil previous autumn if possible with manure or your home compost.

Starting inside:

For best results Savoy Cabbage should be started indoors, from April. Fill your seed tray with potting compost, and tap the tray to settle the soil. With your finger make an imprint in the soil ½ inch deep. In the impression place 1 seed and lightly cover with more compost and gently water. Gemination will take 2-3 weeks on a sunny windowsill. 1 month after sowing harden the seedling, by bringing outdoors during the day. After 2 weeks of hardening the seedlings can be planted out.

To transplant:

With your trowel dig a hole the same size as the seeding plug. With the heel of your boot compact the soil. The cabbage will grow better in hard soil when the roots can not travel so far. Water the hole generously and transplant your seeding into the hole. Leave 50cm between each cabbage in the row and 50cm between each row.


Hoe around the plant regularly to avoid weed growth. Every fortnight you can water feed the soil with liquid seaweed plant feed. This is optional but greatly increases the cabbage yield, organically. Growing mint close by will deter some pest from your crop.


Six to seven months after sowing the cabbage will be ready to harvest. Once the head is firm, take a sharp knife and cut the cabbage at the base.