Growing Blood Red Spring Onion

Growing Blood Red Spring Onion

Sowing season:  April – June
Ready to harvest: 10 weeks

This eye catching spring onion will definatley bring a splash of colour to your salads. And even better, its ready to eat in just 10 weeks.

This varity of spring onion is best grown completly outdoors.

Growing outside:

With your trowel prepare drills a half inch deep and 1 foot in between the drills. Sprinkle the seeds in the drills and cover lighlty with soil. Germination will occur in 3 – 4 weeks


After 10 weeks the onions are ready for harvest. With a trowel dig beside the onions and probp them from underneath, looseding the soil. You can then lift them by hand.

Growing tips:

To have a continuous supply, plant new seeds every few weeks. You can do a final sow in September which will be ready the following March.